Treeherder Job Counts and Chunks

The Treeherder production instance has a significant front-end change arriving in the coming days. We are condensing job groups and chunks (a job which, for individual team or project reasons, were separated into numerous multiple jobs) into a ‘+n’ count representation in the job group.

To see the motivation for this change, one need only look at this before/after example of the same job-sets.  The number of chunks has begun (and will continue to) grow.  As this happens, the Treeherder page is becoming more cluttered.  The job aggregation to counts will streamline the initial view, while still giving easy access to individual job chunks as you need them.


Screenshot 2015-08-18 08.17.13

Wow.  That’s a lot of chunks.


Screenshot 2015-08-18 08.17.30

Whew!  To be sure, this is an extreme example.  But even in less extreme chunk counts, the difference is significant overall.


Counts can be expanded/collapsed Globally via our new navbar button:


Counts can also be expanded Locally either by clicking the ‘+n’ job count…


…or counts can be expanded and collapsed Locally by clicking the job group:


When a job is selected and its count collapsed, the ‘+n’ count receives a selected style until either a different job is selected, or the selection is cleared.

Classification and unclassified failure and next/previous job navigation should remain unchanged.  As new jobs are created or their state changes, you will notice the counts updating accordingly.


[Glaring Omission from the original post:] I neglected to mention that this was all Ryan VanderMeulen’s idea.  He approached the Treeherder team at Whistler 2015 with this idea and after chatting about it for a few minutes, this just seemed like an “ah hah” moment.  I began working on it that afternoon…

I received opinions and feedback from most of the Treeherder team, Sheriffs and Blake Winton.  But I wanted to give a special shout-out to Jonathan French.  His testing and design help GREATLY improved the quality of this feature!  Thanks Jon!

Contact us

If you have any comments/suggestions about this change, please feel free to visit us on IRC in the #treeherder channel.


-Cam [:camd]

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I'm a web developer who lives in Bend, Oregon with my wife Dakota and 2 little girls Isabella and Scarlett.
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3 Responses to Treeherder Job Counts and Chunks

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  2. Ting-Yu says:

    I have often re-triggered orange jobs a few times to see if it’s real intermittent failure or not. Those re-triggered ones are being collapsed by this new feature. I think I might be good to show those green ones if the previous ones are orange. It might help both developers and sheriffs without having to click ‘+’ to expand them to determine whether the patches are safe to land.

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